Hey, I'm Josie! Thanks for taking a look at my page. Currently, I am a senior getting my B.F.A. in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. My first love is and always will be graphic design and it's really excited me that the world of motion has unlocked so many possibilities in where I could take my work. 

As I've gone through my program of study, I've enjoyed how open-ended the projects have been and loved letting the ideas I've conceptualized guide me to explore a variety of different styles and mediums. My favorite areas to work with are typography and branding. It's a fun challenge for me to figure out solutions of how to say a lot in a tight, concise way. I also love working on more narrative-focused projects, such as title sequences since I am an avid tv and movie watcher. 

Outside of design, you'll find me consuming media, listening to music (talk to me about rock music from the 60s-80s!), or hanging with friends. If any of that tickles your fancy or if you just wanna say hi, feel free to reach out because I'd love to chat!
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