I was so lucky to be selected as a Graphic Designer on the CoMotion 2022 Branding Team. I worked closely with the producers and directors to achieve the vision they had in mind for their assets. Learn more about the event on the website: https://www.scadcomotion.com/

Here are the deliverables that I contributed to the event:

rough outlines
final frames
Each of the Graphic Designers were tasked with creating static designs of the category title cards for the Student Showcase. These are the final designs that I created. The designs were then handed off to the animation team to be put into motion for the showcase.
I also created the winner/individual nominee title card. This static frame was featured a lot at the showcase whenever the individual nominees were read out as well as when a winner for a category was announced.
instagram sticker gifs
These sticker designs were designed by one of the Graphic Designers on the team, Krista Miller. I was tasked with putting them into motion while keeping in mind that they would loop as a gif sticker. 

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