Avengers: Infinity War Card Game - High School
Avengers: Infinity War Card Game - High School
In my senior year of high school, one of my school assignments was to design your own game. It quickly turned into a passion project of mine and I ended up making a functioning card game inspired by Avengers: Infinity War. I created over 100 different cards, each featuring a character, object, and location that appeared in the movie. The image below features a few of these cards and the deck printed out. 
The design of the cards is color-coded based on the card type. The plot of Avengers: Infinity War revolves around the fight over the six Infinity Stones: Reality (red), Soul (orange), Mind (yellow), Time (green), Space (blue), and Power (purple). The objective of the game is to collect all six Infinity Stone cards. There are specific cards in the deck that are connected to acquiring one of the Infinity Stones, so they are color-coded to the stone they are tied to. The rainbow cards are the rarest card a player can get because they let a player automatically take whichever Infinity Stone they want. The normal cards, which are more abundant in the deck, are a neutral navy so the colorful cards stand out and seem extra special in a player's hand.
The styling of the cards is comic book-inspired. The texture of the card's border is a gradient and halftone hybrid, as a call-back to a design quirk of old comic books but putting a modern twist on it to make it more vibrant and futuristic. The font chosen is a comic book font. The images inside have a galaxy background because Infinity War is a movie that takes place across multiple parts of the galaxy. Each character and object was cut out and manipulated to match the coloration of the card in Adobe Photoshop.

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