This kinetic typography piece brings to life a part from a 60 Minutes interview with Viola Davis that I found to be really inspiring. She was speaking about Chadwick Boseman and how he was an artist who gave himself to the whole process of performance. Then she went on to explain the difference between an entertainer, actor, and artist in the acting industry.

The main message that I got from Viola's dialogue is that being an artist is about surrendering yourself and your ego to the artistic process and having the courage to go outside your box to take risks in creative expression.
What I really like about her explanation is that she's not generalizing and putting everyone in a box. The way that I interpreted it is that she's explaining that evolution from entertainer to artist, so it leaves room for people to be all three at any point. This could be applied to other creative careers too.
In the acting industry, Jim Carrey is a good example of someone who has been both an entertainer and an artist in his career. He's famous for his specific kind of comedy and schticks and is an entertainer when he does those same goofy things that his fans love him for. But he can be also be an artist when taking on roles like his soulful and somber performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
My approach to this audio was the theme of constraints and going outside the box. So my design reflected that with square composition with lines where the text would come and go. The more lines there are, the more constrained the creative is. As it evolves from entertainer from artist, the lines lessen until the text is free to move and be as expressive as it wants when Viola Davis is describing an artist.

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